About Us
This page is all about you; the posts, the ebooks, the videos, the links, and everything else you find here is all about you. 
We are here to make you a better person inside out. Just stay with us and keep track of what we have to say. We are not here to talk nonsense. We are here to help you every step of your journey in life. We have a professional circle of psychology, theology, and business education. All that we expect from you is to stay with us.

With hope,

Tegegne Mihret 
 I love him so much if that can express how I feel about him. He started from a humble beginning, the barefoot king, king of kings, Emperor Tewodros. The king who once concived a dream of marrying the queen of England so that he could lead both the world of 'blacks' and 'whites' (the color codes are always annoying me). See how ambitious he was? At least he started the process of the unified modern Ethiopia. That is the kind of personal ambition we need in life. And that is what we are trying to do here, Emperor Tewodros as our icon of progress and vision.